Jacqueline Oscvirk

At 50+ and on the cusp of the Baby Boomers and Gen X, I have learned so much and I am so excited to see what the next 50 bring!  My interest in health, wellness and nutrition have been with me my whole life.  I've studied almost every type of diet out there from Vegan to Paleo (and I've experimented with each as well.)  I am what some would call a little bit of a bio-hacker.  I try things out to see how they work for me.  n = 1 is my study group.  I've taught fitness classes, taken training to teach/coach (F.O.L.P.) (Paul Chek) and have become certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, meditation instructor and am a corporate wellness coordinator and vegan cooking chef.  I've solo'd a plane, flown a few aerobatics in an Extra 310 and a bi-plane and ...... also earned a welding ticket.  My "work" career has taken me into pharmacy, event planning, the wine industry, floral sales, university continuing ed programs, marketing, corporate wellness development and as an executive assistant.  Once I have something figured out  (this is the Gen X'er in me) ... I like to keep learning and growing, but I've always maintained a few common threads.  Wellness, good nutrition and service to others.  Now as I enter my 50's .... I am able to pull it all together and teach others the valuable lessons I've learned.  I have a goal to help people see the perfectness in themselves and to realize that their thoughts create their reality.  I want to protect our world, our environment and the living beings on this planet.   To live in a state of gratitude and appreciation brings miraculous changes and beautiful changes into your life.  If I can make a difference in a positive way, I've realized my purpose.

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Trust your Gut Feelings

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Eat Plants

truth and authenticity = #AMAZINGLIFE

I seriously believe that life is a choice and we can make it be whatever we focus on. Focus on health and success = a life of health and success! Like everyone, I have had my ups and downs.  Had my focus & nutrition in the wrong direction at times.  Bought into some of the untrue views of what life is "supposed" to be like according to old paradigms and unquestioned beliefs. I continued to search, to grow, to read anything I can get my hands on to learn about becoming aware, living life authentically, on being healthy.   My path has taught me a few truths.  You can't deny reality and that life is better when you embrace what's happening and what is true.  Should be's ... wishing it were different.... if only's .... are a waste of time and only cause resentments and stress.  Experimenting with our bodies and our diets is okay!!  Try some things, see what works for you!  You are unique ... your needs are different than mine or the guy next door.  Learn about yourself.  Embrace the what is.   See that everyone really does have a connection to each other spiritually and that the good truth is in us all.  Break free of the old ways of thinking and decide to love the world and yourself .... exactly as it is and as you are.