May 12, 2015

Recently I listened to the 4th Food Revolution Summit, hosted by John and Ocean Robbins.  (Interesting story of John Robbins ~ think Baskin & Robbins).  When I signed up for it, I thought to myself that if it was about health, nutrition and food, I'm in.  I also saw the line up of guest speakers and recognized many of them as being respected speakers within this industry.   What I didn't expect that it was a "pro plant based diet" platform.  Which, unexpectedly delighted me once I got into it and began listening to each different speakers perspective.

The timing was spooky as I had also just been told by my GP that I had anemia.  Which didn't totally surprise me but the degree of anemia did.  I have eaten meat, cooked in cast iron daily for the past few years.  I eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits along with ethically raised, organic meats/chicken and sustainably caught fish. I have a wonderful, loving, kind farmer that has been growing our beef and pork for us for years.  He cares.  He's passionate about what he does and how carefully he is in how he raises his animals.  I really felt quite proud of myself actually and thought I was 100% on the right track.   We were doing the right thing.  I believe ethically raised meat is the biggest question you need to ask your supplier today.  Proof that it is so.  

But .... shortly after being told about the anemia I completely lost my taste for meat and craved vegetables. So strange.  Vegetables?  I thought I'd be craving a steak!?!!  But, I decided to go with what my body wanted and knew I was getting plenty of iron from my 3 X a day supplement I was put on.  I also started feeling more compassionate about the animals I was eating.  This isn't the first time I've been swept away with this feeling.  This happened 2 years ago to me as well.  This overwhelming, heart felt compassion for their lives and the way they are treated.  I thought perhaps having a dog now in my life intensified these feelings and just put it down to that.  How could I eat an animal, I'm not out in the wild starving, I'm not living a hunter gatherer life of scarcity.  Then the summit came and all those quiet whispers of compassion became loud, loving voices.   There were times when I could barely listen to a couple of the interviews because they were talking about what goes on in factory farms.  It is so painful to acknowledge that ugly truth.  Like most of us, I'd rather not think about it.  For me, I couldn't allow myself to linger in the thoughts of the cruelty that goes on in those facilities and the awful working conditions for the workers doing those jobs.  I did tell myself though that I would not contribute to it.  I would not participate in that factory machine where life has no regard.  I also learned about the environmental effects of eating those animals.  The resource costs to produce them, the shipping, the retailing, and sadly, the waste.  The waste.  It made me think of all of the times you see someone discard a piece of lunch meat, or a piece of chicken or the steak they couldn't finish.  No one ever really thinks that that piece of meat came from the life of an animal.  We don't ever really make that connection.  In today's world we see that meat as coming from the grocery store ... not a once living, vibrant, breathing, being.  It makes me hurt inside just thinking about it.  I'm not judging anyone who chooses to eat meat.  I know many do and I know it's such a big part of our culture and our society.  I've done it on and off for many years of my life too.  I just encourage you to think about it a little more, to open your mind to other possibilities and to perhaps reduce the amount you eat by half.  Start there.  It's a beginning.  We eat far too much as a society as it is.  Let's begin by cutting back on meat, chicken, fish first and then move towards eggs and dairy.  Whatever order you choose.

Check out the summit and if you have time, listen to some of the interviews.  It's really very well done.


ps... athletes, check out Rich Roll, Finding Ultra  & Plant Power Way ... think you can't be an Ironman on plants... think again.  He did the Epic 5 ... 5 Ironman's, on 5 Hawaiian  Islands in 7 days!Type your paragraph here.