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One on One Health Coaching

Feeling your best so you can live your best!

Reach out to me if you are interested in figuring out what you need to do to fuel your body, mind and spirit with the basic, natural essentials it needs to live an #amazinglife!  Today's world bombards us all with so much information and input that its hard to know what's true anymore?  Let me walk you through and let's start at step #1.

Corporate Wellness & Info seminars (free!)

taking care of business via your employees & Students!

Let's face it, if your people aren't feeling well, if they are low on energy and sickly ... then it affects the bottom line and how they absorb information.  Implementing a corporate or student wellness plan not only builds on the culture, but results in a better bottom line and better grades.  Whether you want to start small or go wild, let's begin today!  An #amazinglife = an #amazingbusiness = #amazingstudents!!

Make it Easy!

Centurians around the world eat this way!

Cooking Classes

Let your Food love you back!

Are you trying to live healthier?  Get in better shape?  Make a positive difference in your body and this world? You've read about it, seen it in books and magazines, heard people talking about it!  Plant Based Diets.  Vegans.  I can teach you how you can take your most favourite meals and make them plant based and delicious!  Let's try a class together!

Plant Based Diets give your body the best opportunity to THRIVE! Plus its the #1 thing you can do for the environment and for animal welfare.

Love your diet


learning to calm things down

Have you been giving some thought about starting a meditation practice in your life?  Just curious about it?  Perhaps it's been recommended to you by a doctor or a friend?  Let me guide you and introduce you.  I am a certified meditation instructor with over 300 hours of study and practice.  Don't worry, we won't start off in robes on a hilltop ... it'll be quite simple and unassuming.  Send me an email and let's get started.

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Contact me & allow me to help

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We can go over what your needs are and how we can turn your life into a healthy, vibrant one!  Email me.

Optimal Health

Nutrition designed for you

Everyone is different.  So why take the same supplements as the next guy?  USANA always has you in mind, from the True Health Assessment and Companion to our whole line of Optimizers.  Choose the nutritionals that work for you and then get back to fully living your life!


Taking care of yourself

Allow me to guide you in the confusing world of supplements and health.  USANA offers the highest quality of supplements on the market today.  Guaranteed safe enough for Olympic athletes highest regulated standards.