I'm too busy to meditate!

Listen, I know we all know that we should meditate.  It's not a secret anymore on the amazing mental and health benefits that a meditation practice can provide for us.  We all see in the news and in our Facebook feeds on how science is proving every week the benefits of taking the time to be mindful, to relax, to centre ourselves .... to chill.  

So why is it so hard to set that time aside and to sit still and let the mind go still?  I hear yawl!!  I often face the exact same struggles!!  Life is busy.  We get going on that treadmill and those very few precious moments that we do actually get to ourselves we think "Why would I sit and be still when I can actually do .... whatever it is you would rather do?"   But let me share a little insiders secret with you.  If you purposely take 5 minutes and say to yourself that this 5 minutes will give me 20 minutes later in the day, you will soon find that to be true.  Taking that 5 minutes to 'connect' to 'open your soul to the infinite wisdom of the universe' will in fact give you 20 minutes later in the day!  It works like that.  It's like an investment, a really good investment.  Somehow, miraculously it gives you more back!  The other thing it will do is it will help you be more in tune with the right things you should be doing with your time and your day going forward.  It makes you more intuitive!  More insightful and a lot better at deciding what to use your time on and what you can afford to let go of!

Do an experiment.  Try a 5 minute mediation each day for 21 days.  That's all, just 21 days and see for yourself.  Write to me and tell me how it went and how it multiplied your time!   jacqueline.oscvirk@gmail.com

Namaste .... and Love, Light and Peace to all!